Earth floors saving lives in Rwanda

Earth floors saving lives in Rwanda

Earth floors

Its as simple as the dirt underneath our feet. Thats the idea behind a project started by a group of students at Stanford University. The Project aims to address health concerns and improve the quality life for families throughout Rwanda.

The concept is simple enough, sealed floors in homes can help reduce the spread of soil born pathogens. Add to this the benefits of an attractive, durable floor that a family can install and maintain for a fraction the cost of other options.

Though the project is in its early stages, the model is one that I expect to see more of in the coming years. As socio-economic development gaps widen throughout the world this is the change we need to see. When business models provide environmentally responsive design and regional adaptation communities everywhere will benefit.

earthenable: Improving Human Health through Green Chemistry & Sustainable Architecture from earth enable on Vimeo.

earthenable was started by six passionate people with a dream to improve health outcomes through simple and affordable solutions. We came together at Stanford's design school, through a class called Design for Extreme for Affordability. One of every three projects from the class continues to this day, and we are proud to be incorporating as a nonprofit.

Support the projects getting off the ground, give to their Indiegogo campaign

-Kevin Rowell

Co-author of the book "Preserving Haiti's Gingerbread Houses"  works as a consultant for development agencies and emerging technology companies.

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