Courage is the balance between fear and recklessness.

Equanimity stands to soothe  our craving and aversions.

In our world of polarity, resilience holds the opposite pole from efficiency.
As the industrial revolution brought forward unprecedented efficient ways to our daily life, it certainly left us with many vulnerabilities across many disciplines funneling into a weaker health and ability to heal.

The place

Such unbalanced approach carried with it additional complications. At the roots of it  is isolation and the disconnect.  More Isolation of human interrelations and disconnection from  nature.
The Integrative Healing and Learning Center(IHALC)- represented by an art studio,  healing center and a residential component holds a restorative and meaningful resilience toward health and healing.

At the core of the IHALC is a musical quartet enhancing Healing food and environment, restorative life style and meaningful living.

A sampler of ideas included are sacred geometry, balanced relation with the land scape,
Clear spiritual and physical  orientation. Promoting clear engagement of our senses with the inner and outer surrounding...Substitution with natural material at every opportunity. Maximizing local resources, restoration of the biota and rediscovering our connection with all beings....addressing the five elements ( space, air, water, earth and energy) such as light, straw clay slip walls, inert materials to address infestation and other challenges, natural lighting, mitigation of EMF and phono- photo-toxicity. Vertical landscaping to enhance air quality and  aesthetic appeal...

In conclusion, our reason has taken the central stage in many of our psychosocial ecological and economical endeavors at the expense of our intuition, compromising our connection and existence on this beautiful and unique planet.

The new era of human history requires newer form of questions that can only be answered by enhancing our imagination and creativity, and promoting all sort of art forms and philosophies that nurture our contemplative and ontological being.

Albert Einstein stated once: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Jointly yours,Looking up Dani Mouawad, MD
IHALC Founder
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