Sharing the world of natural building is our mission. We offer a range of classes, lectures and trainings that can easily be tailored to meet your needs. Whether you are trying to build specific technical skills in your organization or simply wish to share the beauty of natural materials with a youth group, let our experienced team empower you and your community.

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Lecture Topics Include:

Social Change

The New Face of Globalization: Globalization is more than just corporate domination of the world, it is an opportunity for co-evolution as individual human beings. This lecture provides a closer look at how individuals take a positive role in an increasingly global world. The lecture includes a direct examination of the work of Kleiwerks International and our collaborators and peers from around the world.

Social Change Through Positive Action: Geared toward university students, this newly developing series includes a discussion of core issues around how we, as individuals, can contribute to a better world.

Natural Building

Natural Building Level 1: "Natural Building" refers to modern interpretations of ancient building techniques. These techniques include earthquake safe straw bale, Adobe/Cob and Bamboo as well as current engineering and testing programs. Additionally, it includes how systems like living roofs and grey water systems can fit seamlessly into holistic design.

Natural Building Level 2: This lecture examines individual materials and their evolution from historical context to the present. It is intended to follow the Level 1 Lecture and dive into greater details on the specifics of current testing and standardization processes. These lectures are geared towards construction, engineering and architecture students.

Earthen Architecture: A retrospective of earthen architectural techniques from continents around the world. We examine the production of uniform building materials and the evolution of building styles as they spread out from their origin to far-reaching parts of the globe.

Materials and Techniques

Timber: A critical exploration of the material from 2x4’s to locally milled lumber. This lecture includes FSC certification and plantation style production and explores the Pros and Con’s of the international forest product market.

Fibers: This lecture covers an interesting array of natural fibers and their uses in modern construction. We look at the benefits of bamboo, sisal, straw and straw bale as well as explore the methods of processing and assembly.

Earth: Discover the many permutations of earthen construction from technological, economic and ecological points of view.

Cements and Beyond: A critical examines of the negative effects of mainstream cement production. This lecture highlights the different ways natural builders have responded, including fly ash substitution and minimal content concrete mixes as well as recycling options.

Bamboo - Not Just For Pandas: An in-depth look at the state of bamboo and its use as a construction material as well its diverse application in our daily lives. We go behind the scenes in engineering labs and into plantations in Asia and Latin America.

Past Clients: U.C. Berkeley, University of Montreal, McGill University, Merrit Community Collage, San Fransisco Institute of Architecture, West Coast Green, Solar Living Institute, Kleiwerks International