Natural Building: Residential Projects

Using natural building materials in residential construction is an age old art form. From the earthen buildings of Mesopotamia, to bamboo and grass huts of the Asian Pacific, examples can be found in cultures the world over. The Natural Builders gives a modern context to traditional materials.

These samples of our residential work display the skill and craftsmanship of our team members. Each artisan is passionate about their craft and excels at incorporating beauty and efficiency into their work. Our residential team is certified in lead renovation and prides itself on clean work habits.

Integrating natural building into residential projects can be simplified by using our consultation services. Our international experience of navigating the dense bureaucracy of building has helped us create a residential tool kit to help fast track your innovative projects. Let our team help you optimize your natural building design with regionally available materials.

With so many ways to collaborate, contact us today!

Want to remodel using natural building?

Contract us for a pre-design home inspection and you'll receive custom reporting to help guide your design decisions.  Our consultants can help you identify cost effective pathways to achieve your remodel goals. In addition, we offer initial cost estimates and a value added design process.

We love collaborating and sharing our knowledge with builders and designers. If you already have a design and build team in mind, we are happy to consult on the project. Transitioning from traditional or even green materials can be a tricky task, let us help make it a smooth one!