Event Production

Event Production

[Conception] We produce events distinguished by their use of environmentally responsible materials. We're motivated by a triple bottom line - by respecting people, the planet, and profits. Our unique position in the industry as licensed building contractors means we take the guesswork out of safety. We offer access to engineering and design services, as well as a range of logistics solutions.

[Pre-Production] Our initial consultations with a new client involve clarifying an event's audience, goals, and revenues. From there we balance those with a cost effective implementation strategy. Our logistics and information management teams assemble the appropriate installation artists and sub-contractors to create the project's timeline and budget.

[Production] With a wealth of experience in construction, development, and festivals we are able to provide a unique insight to the set-up phase of any event. From managing volunteers to oversight of production logistics, we ensure that tight deadlines are met, and that your goals are achieved efficiently.

(Post Production) Our goal is to help event clients feel like we have always been part of their production team. We follow through with post-event feedback, including insightful comments and constructive criticism. We are committed to help develop naturally effective management processes. A collaboration with The Natural Builders will benefit any forward thinking event producer.


Over the years we have had the opportunity to develop a working relationship with Kevin as we seemed to cross paths at many music festivals around the world.  In addition to that Kevin was always an integral part of one of the design, creation and development of one of our naturally built main stages at our music festival Lightning in a Bottle.
Because of this positive working relationship we were both excited and relieved to find out that he would be our point person and liason for the massive installation we took on last summer that was the "Dance Temple" for the Boom festival in Portugal.  It was then that we really had the opportunity to work closely with Kevin in all facets of a large project.  We were able to achieve maximum effeciency, positively impact the budgets and, ultimately, create one of our most complex and challenging projects to date.
In short working with Kevin has always been a positive and productive experience over the years.
Dede Flemming
The Do LaB


To whom it may concern, I was greatly assisted in every way at the Boom festival to create an amazing install under impossible conditions. My efforts and many others made possible with the help of Kevin Rowell. I highly recommend him to do the impossible. Your success is one decision away.
All the best,
     As art director for Boom and the art lead on its dance temple in 2012, I had the pleasure of working with Kevin Rowell and Dana Glenn. It was their first year at Boom and their skill sets proved tantamount to our overall success. Kevin's communication and directive abilities and Dana's organization and attentiveness, synergized by their combined experience with building made for a comprehensive and cohesive team that made the impossible possible. Our whole system gained efficiency, enthusiasm, and power. I would highly recommend both of these guys as a team or as individuals to any complex project requiring multitasking, clear communication, dedication, and lots and lots of hard work.
Carey Thompson - Art Director Boom Festival 2012
I'm happy to recommend Kevin Rowell for the position of Build Director at your festival. Others may have similar skill sets or experience but what sets Kevin well apart from the rest is his matchless energy and heartfelt desire to meet any goals and overcome obstacles. When you ask yourself "who's got my back?"... well, more than likely, it'll be him!


Gerard Minakawa

Gerard Minakawa

Artist and Founder : Bamboo DNA

He tenido la oportunidad de  hacer  prácticas profesionales con The Natural Builders, para  Boom Festival 2012 y otros proyectos.  Kevin definitivamente es una persona que sabe como dirigir y organizar grupos de trabajo especialmente bajo presión. Es un buen líder, que sabe  tratar a las personas (clientes, voluntarios,etc) terminando el trabajo en el tiempo requerido, sin contratiempos. Es un buen amigo  el cual me ha ayudado y compartido su experiencia y  conocimientos acerca del bambú y su construcción.


I did an internship with The Natural Builders, to Boom Festival 2012 and other projects. Kevin definitely is a person that knows how to organize large groups, specially under pressure. He is a good leader, and knows how to treat people (clients, volunteers, etc) always finishing on time with the best solution! He is a good friend that has helped me and shared  his knowledge about bamboo and construction!

Alejandra Sotelo Cortes